Lady Gaga vs Heavy Metal

Applause to radio 4 for a 30 minute programme looking at the politics of music in Indonesia: The programme looks at some of the contradictions of recent events. On the one hand a planned gig by Lady Gaga was cancelled following threats by some hotter Islamic groups, particularly the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI). However, these groups have been rather more lax in their approach to Dangdut, a popular Indonesian music style with often raunchy performances. Moreover, the documentary looks at some of the more out there heavy metal acts such as Cannibal Corpse who have been allowed to play in Indonesia, as well as talking to a heavy metal group with liks to the FPI.

It is very rare for a whole half hour programme to be given over to an Indonesian issue in British media, but allowing more than a brief sound bite or headline, it gives an opportunity to dig beneath the familiar Intolerant Islam vs Western Culture trope. More like this please!