Studying the Indonesian Massacres of 1965-6

In a post about the film The Act of Killing I noted a range materials providing some further context for the events of 1965-6. Since then I have come across some more useful materials available online, so thought I would jot them down here for future reference.

Abstracts from a NUS event re-evaluating the 1965-6 killings

Helpful summary article on the with bibliography by Katharine McGregor

And another by John Roosa and Joseph Nevins

Online edition of Tahun Yang Tak Pernah Berkakhir (In Indonesian) (The Year That Never Ends), a collection of essays based on an oral history project carried out by the Indonesian Social History Institute (ISSI). Plus a few snippets of the content in English in Inside Indonesia.

An article by John Roosa on the use of oral history in the study of the massacres

Thesis by Andrew Marc Conroe on the social process of remembering 1965 and its aftermath.